To Market To Market

Well, I was a tiiiinnnyy bit late to meet up with the boy (aka manfriend). I couldn’t find my NorthFace backpack and grabbed my Mexico backpack a good friend brought back for me. Speaking of whom I still need to respond to his e-mail! Then, apparently my dad put the bikes away so I had to tear through the shed to get it. Luckily as I was riding to meet up with him he accommodated and met me closer so he wouldn’t have to wait for me. And then it was off to the market!

It was such a lovely and CLEAR day out, we almost wished we went for a hike… or rode across the bridge to get Sprinkles! But we got so many goodies at the market. Everything is coming into season.


I knew I ate a light breakfast for a reason… So I can taste everything at the farmers market, duh.

We got a pound of peas to split. My snap pea picker.

We split a basket (not one of these monstrous boxes) of organic strawbs. Check out the colors, I picked up a yellow and red pep. I love peppers!The manfriend made a little display.

This is my FAVORITE stand. They have THE BEST organic navel oranges ever. I get some every time I go. It also helps that they play bad-ass classic rock. And the guy who runs it reminds me of my grandpa. The fuckin’ coolest guy on the planet. Plus the other guy that works the stand knows me and that I usually run there and we chit chat about music and stuff. He always asks me if I’m still jammin’ to Hov when I run.

I wish I ate cauliflower because it just looked like a bouquet of flowers.

I love nuts!!! Especially flavored ones (re: raspberry honey almonds). Crazy-ass nut lady.

Manfriend picked up some artichoke hummus that has really grown on me. So glad he likes hummus now, otherwise I don’t think we could be together 😉

He also picked up a few things for his family including a pretzel croissant which someday I want to try and a scone from  a great local Irish bakery that we like, G:M:ME . They always have yummy treats.

He saw these cheesecake brownie bites and as we were walking away decided to go back and grab three.

Being me, I wanted to taste it immediately. We started walking back to the bikes as we took one out so I could bite it. I almost died, it delicious. I thought it was going to be a puffy pastry, but no it was cheesecake consistency with chocolate. I suggested, we insisted he try it as well. He took a bite, stopped, turned back around and we walked all the way back to shake the guys hand to say it was amazing. It really is THAT good.


He rode a little more than halfway home with me before we said our goodbyes. He’s working on homework and today is full for me. It’s my moms b-day (Happy Birthday Moms!), then we’re going to a wedding that she’s done the flowers for, THEN it’s the season finale of LOST!!!!

The loot.

And then, I went to get another Pike Place Roast >.<

The shower is finally free. Gotta get so fresh n’ so clean for the wedding!


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