Morning Morning

I woke up this morning thinking it was Monday and was late for work! I jumped out of bed because my alarm was going off at 6:45. Thinking I forgot to set it differently I scrambled to the bathroom threw on some clothes and then started to think. Hey, wait a second, I didn’t go to the wedding yet. I think I fell asleep to SATURDAY Night Live. DUH! I walked into my folks room and had to ask my mom “hey, is it Sunday?” She said yes, but was none to pleased about me waking her up.

So since I was up I went for a 7am 3 mile run after snacking on a bit of cereal and an almond and cashew. Usually I don’t eat breakfast till later on Sunday because I go to the market, but I’m leaving a bit later this morning and won’t be home til later because today we’re BIKING! I need to leave now cause I’m running late. I’m meeting manfriend on the trail and we’re biking to the market. Only drawback… I have to bike all the way back and then get ready for the wedding!

But I did have a light snack/breakfast for some energy for the ride

1/2 multi-grain english muffin with some Barney Butter and Crofters spread.

Don’t you just love how the nut butters immediately melt on a hot piece of carb? Mmmm. If I were Martha Stewart, that would be one of my favorite things.

Washed down with one swallow milk (I try not to drink it at all but so much barney butter, a swallow was necessary) and a swallow of TJ’s OJ.

Now I’m off before I’m really late!


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