In the Loft

So sorry for yesterdays absence. I completely forgot my camera yesterday! But to catch ya all up it was


-english muffin with pumpkin butter and crofters spread


-Lite N Fit strawberry with 1/4 cup vanilla almond galaxy granola.


-4 miles on the mill plus 20 min. weights.

Earlier this week was my best friend in the whole wide worlds birthday! So last night we went out to a lounge to celebrate. Before we left I had dinner.

1 pc. whole wheat bread with mustard, babybell light, red pepper, peppercinis! (ive been wanting them for so long!) lettuce and spinach. Along with a pickle and some chippies. It was muy delicioso.

Last night was so much fun. The boy and I had a lot of fun dancing and getting down. Another great friend of mine made out with my best friends friend. And another good friend is just a blast. It was a great night and I think the birthday girl had a good time. No picture yet. I’m sure they’ll slowly emerge from the hallows of FB. Got home pretty late, and the boy slept over. I love smelling like him the next morning.

Tonight I’m heading out to the city for the 2nd part of the celebration. A nice dinner with close friends, then maybe to another club afterward, but I don’t want to be out too late. There’s a lot of events going on in the city tonight and I was out last night too. I only had one drink and kept it light with a kettle and tonic 🙂 Plus the manfriend and I are going for a bike ride in the morning ❤

For breakfast I had a few bites of his burrito our friend bought us last night because I drove. It was yummy. I have a feeling every time I walk past the fridge I will take a bite. Went to yoga at 10:15 this morning and after had my real breakfast.

Whole wheat bagel with low-fat cream cheese. And I treated myself to a grande coffee at Starbucks. Their new Pike Park Roast is actually REALLY good. And I normally hate Starbucks coffee.

Oh! And last night when manfriend came over he brought over some cookies from his mama. His moms cookies are choc-full of chocolate chips. I just had to take a bite right then and there. What can I say, the man knows my stomach.

I’m off to get the birthday girl a gift. I’m thinking a cooking book. The girl knows how to throw down.


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