That New New

Today was such full day. Started off waking up late, but I was SUPER excited for breakfast. I almost devoured it in 5 minutes. I made overnight oats in a peanut butter jar with remanants.Along with..

-Ezekiel cereal

– black and blueberries

– TJs raz preserves

-1/3 cup oats, almond milk, water

-2 tbsp vanilla yog.

Seriously, this might have been THE best breakfast in a long time.

Best thing ever!

Then after work I had my hair appointment. I used to dye my hair blonde all the time because I was blonde growing up. So I just kept doing it. Then when I got older it got expensive as I took on other responsibilities. So I let it grow. I let it all grow out for 3-4 years and cut it short this winter so all I had was my natural hair. I felt so accomplished, but over time it became brassy and mousy in color. So I decided to just get something near the same color as my natural just to give it some texture, shine and depth. And I’m really happy with the result!

While I was there, I mentioned yesterday that my lunch was inspired by Eat Pray Love. When she just took a bunch of things to make a lunch. So here’s mine.

– Dr. Krakers Spelt Seeded

i got grrraaapppeeesssss

babybell original.

I’m really digging this snack lunch combo. Everything was so tasty together. Expect repeats. I went to hot yoga after my hair and then when I got home all I had for dinner was a few pretzel sticks, some chips, all of which were dipped in hummus. And then 1/2 a chocolate chip cookie. Bad Casey, I know. Tomorrow will be better!


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