Wharf to Not Wharf

After work I hit up the gym. Did 4 miles at 6.5 and higher, varying speeds getting up to a solid 7.0 with .5 incline. Few light weights, arms, thighs, and lunges with the boy.  Came home to an empty quiet house for once and just relaxed. It’s so rare I EVER get peace and quiet. I felt totally off today because of all the coffee I had. Like my eyes buggin’ outta my head crazy. For lunch, I’m still on the fruit kick..

Why is Barney Butter the greatest thing ever?

Le boyf came over around 5 to hang out before his class and finish some homework. After he left I went  on a walk with thoughts brewing for dinner. I thought about it for at least an hour and just decided to warm up some veggies on the skillet to toss in with the cold whole wheat penne my mom made the night before. And the result was actually really good!




-red pepper


-salt & pep


-I also added a soy meatball I heated up for some protein.

Moms finished up making cookies tonight

“I pack heat like I’m the oven door”

Now I’m crashing from that caffeine buzz.


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