“You’re Not Tired”

Got off at 2:30 and headed to run some errands. Got home and went for a walk reading my new Cooking Light magazine. Then talked to the boy on the phone for the remainder of the walk. Did some blogging stuff while lying on my floor (lazy bones), made dinner and put it in the fridge and headed out for kickboxing. I had 2 bites of my moms pasta dish before I left which gave me some energy, but indigestion halfway through class! Luckily it went away soon there after. My instructor is always so positive and keeps telling us were not tired when we really are. Anyway for real dinner I had…

A few berries

1/2 whole wheat tortilla

1/2 wedge of light laughing cow

spinach, asparagus (still have a few more to use up), red pepper, and a bit of the pasta sauce on top.

It was actually really good. I’m totally diggin’ the laughing cow. I got a ton of samples from the race on Sunday [post recap tomorrow!]

Then I had one bite of my boyfriends moms ice cream cake. She said it was super simple to make , just ice cream sammiches and some pudding. The pudding KILLS it. Even moms had a bite and said it was really good. I think they both indirectly compete with each other because he and I are always trading foods.

Now I’m off to finish watching Lost and have the last of my early grey chocolates. I can’t decide what to have for breakfast tomorrow. I have so much fruit I need to eat!


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