A Case of the Mondays

I don’t know why but today felt like a Monday. Since I planned on telling my boss I’m not working overtime, I worked my butt off today. When I told her it went very smoothly and way better than I expected. But I was so busy at work, I almost forgot to take pictures!Hence the reason I’m already halfway through breakfast.

TJs multi-grain English muff with European crofters superfruit spread.

I hate eating out of my desk!

2 cups of coffee. One of Foldgers and one of Spring Blend.

Mid morning snack. Again it was so busy I was already done with the almonds.

Then since I was lazy this morning and didn’t want to pack a lunch I just grabbed a yog and some TJs low fat almond granola. It was good.

I don’t know why this always happens! I go through socks like a mad woman. I think  it’s time for me to get a new pair of vans. I’ve had mine since highschool and it seems that they are the cause of this…

What can I say, I walk HARD.


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