In the Open Face

So right as I was leaving work, apparently there was an announcement of overtime this week. I was really upset about this even through class because we were just told there was no more over time. So I’m not going to do it. ANYWAY, after my presentation in class (which went well thanks) I went over to the gym where I saw the boy who gave me a quick talkin’ to and comforted me about my overtime situation. I’m trying really hard to change and be a better listener. Today was good practice.

-2.5 quick miles at race pace

-8 minutes on the bike (light training for muddy buddies) while reading Fitness magazine

-10-15 minutes light weight lifting.

I didn’t want to do too much because of yesterday, but still needed to keep moving so I wouldn’t lock up. Then I came home had a few TJ salsa chips with a bit of salsa and took off for hot yoga.

It was a good class today. Have you ever had it when they tell you not think of words or keep the mind clear but find it difficult with your instructor talking? I used to but have since gotten passed that and can meditate on my own accord no matter what is going on. But every now and again when I’m in that stage of no mind and completely suspended in the present moment with no thoughts, sometimes I will quickly snap back into reality and think “woa, I wasn’t thinking ANYTHING shouldn’t I be thinking of something?” Does that ever happen to anyone else?

Then came home. My friend Gina came over and visited for a bit and then it was dinner time!

I needed to eat some of that left over asparagus but didn’t want too many carbohydrates  so I made an open face sammie.

Asparagus, red pepper, lettuce, spinach and hummus on a slice of flax bread. Along with half a pickle, a few grapes and 2 Dr. Kracker Spelt crackers (So good and crunchy!)

Now it’s time to take care of a few things around the house.

Mondays are my favorite because Unwrapped is on and so is Diners Drive ins and Dives is on! It all looks so yummy, and Guy makes me want to eat everything and make weird noises while doing it.


2 thoughts on “In the Open Face

  1. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce says:

    so awesome that you’ve mastered the art of meditation, lol! i have been finding myself zoning out during yoga too and am always pleasantly surprised that i’m able to just “be” in the practice. sometimes i definitely struggle with a shitstorm of thoughts swirling around in my head and think omg this is not zen at all, so it really depends on the day! i love dr krackers!

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