I finally got out and about after taking care of some things around the house. Left my car near the end of the race and stopped with pops for oysters on the way home. We were supposed to have family dinner tonight, but because of those recent developments it didn’t happen. Things are not looking good. So I just threw something together.

Very small salad because moms was making them. Eaten while waiting for my pizza to cook.

Then I made a pita pizza with a TJs whole wheat pita, pasta sauce, tomato chunks, loads of spinach and some mozzarella. In the oven for about 5-6mins at 400 degrees.

All with a few big glasses of water for hydration tomorrow. Moms made a good point saying I might be up peeing all night!

The pita got nice and crunchy, and I love crunch.

I think my mom is baking some chocolate chip cookies, so I absolutely must have one. Along with this little jem I got at a sweet shop yesterday.


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