Strawberry Fields Forever

As I was running late to yoga, my mom came in my room and handed me the first strawberry from our garden. These are by far my favorite strawberries ever. Just knowing they come form home and there are no nasty things covering them or in them just makes them taste even better than they already do!

No sugar added 🙂

Went to yoga and only did 15 minutes kickboxing. I forgot I was tired from my run this morning and didn’t want to be tuckered out for tomorrow. It’s the furthest race I’ve ever ran so I’m real nervous. I don’t want to think about time, but I do anyway. I just want to finish without stopping- that should be my goal. Time should come secondary.

Had some Spring Blend after stopping at TJ’s and Ulta (they’re STILL sold out of my shampoo!). Now I’m going to quickly de-funkify my car to leave out in the city for after the race tomorrow.


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