So I haven’t gone anywhere yet, but after this I’m putting on some pants and hittin’ the road. Every ULTA is out of my shampoo but luckily I found a place that is not out of stock, thanks! But before I go I had to have some snackage.

Chips and Hummus my weakness

And since I got some more salsa chips from TJs, you know I just HAD to open them.

I also got some raspberries and had some strawberries and blackberries that need to be used up quickly so I decided to make a smoothie in a bowl (SIAB) a la Kath.






-2/3 banana

-spoon of NF vanilla yog.

-almond milk

-ice cubes

*I didn’t measure anything I just threw handfuls in.

note to self: ice goes in first!

The only thing I did measure was some of my new Galaxy Granola. It’s really good!! a little under 1/4 cup.

I ate outside on the porch while my family was gardening.

And Kodi too.

Now I really need to get out of here, it’s getting late.


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