Thursday was a rush day. After riding my bike to work and back I was tired, but I knew I needed to go to yoga (since I haven’t been to Bikram in about 3 weeks!) Dinner was mostly me taking a fork to take a bite of everything in our fridge when I got home at 9pm. I don’t like eating late, but when yoga ends at 8:35 and I get home at 9, it kinda blows. But that night my mom made my favorite so I had about 3 of these in a salad when I returned.

I love grilled asparagus!!!

Then Friday I had work and around 12, my boss told us “oh we work overtime today”. I’m like uh yeah I can’t. I had plans with the boy, his sis and fiance to go to the city to pick up our race packets at the expo. I fell asleep on the train there while they were reading. It was a small expo this year. Got a few protein snackies for free that I won’t eat, but did get to try some kefir! I have been wanting to try it for some time now since learning of it on all these blogs. It was interesting, but I liked it. It was a combination between milk and yogurt, but had a little bit of a watered down flavor.

His sister and fiance took off and he was nice enough to tool around the city with me. There is a huge buddha statue at Civic Center downtown that I really wanted to see. It was in front of the Asian Art Museum for the new Shanghai exhibit and to depict our relationship with them over the years. Honestly, I thought it was going to be bigger, but it still is huge!

For those who didn’t know I have a degree in Philosophy and minored in Religious Studies, so needless to say, I loved this.

The boy comparing watch sizes.

There was this kid, who reminded me of my brother, just chillen with an amp and a strat in the middle of civic center. He looked DOPE AS FUCK and had to snap him. He obliged and we had some gangsta conversation. He plays by request and played a little bit of blues. After he played I thought he was just a gimmick, so we said goodbye and then went back to the statue. But then he started jammin’ some metal and punk riffs and totally proved me wrong. SAV.

Now it’s time to get my game face on for Sunday.


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