Cinnamon Swirl

So since I didn’t get to run or do any work outs (besides walking all over SF) I went for a 3 mile run around 7:30. Just a little something to prep for tomorrow. When I got home, my brother was up and was out of pancake mix, so being the nice sister that I am I made him one with my Kodiak Cake mix. He likes just one big giant chocolate chip pancake. The only catch, he had to let me have a bite!

The good side.

I know I’m supposed to be watching what I’m eating before the big day so I had an english muff, but wanted alllll the toppings. Especially since when we were in SF the other day we went to Bristol Farms and I found Peanut Butter Company brand peanut butter! I’ve been looking for it for at least a month. It came down to dark chocolate and cinnamon swirl. And I’m happy with my decision. We even opened it up on the train home to try!

So like I said I wanted EVERYTHING on my english muff. Here’s the lineup.

Apparently I wanted more nut butters than anything.

All with 1/2 mug organic green tea.

Gotta rush to yoga… and mayyyybbee a little bit of kickboxing. Then returning to a nice cup of spring blend and a much needed shower. Woof.


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