So as I was updating my links wordpress decided to be a d-bag and suspend my account. But luckily that has passed after a stern e-mail I wrote them. Anyway here was last night!

My first attempt at guacamole. It actually came out pretty good. I didn’t measure anything hahaha.

I DIDN’T have 4 gobs of this!

I literally wanted a bite of everything in our fridge because we have so much food. AND I have a bunch of food that needs to get eaten. So I had 1/2pc flax bread with hummus and that sirracha sauce I got. Then put 3 slices of cucumber.

I’m still trying to finish my tabouleh! So I had that with some TJs low fat blue corn chips. Not pictures is the 5 bites of brown rice that my mom made the other night which is still so good. All with some watered down ice tea with a dash of sug.

And this is how I spent the rest of my night, along with some of that early grey choc!

She’s got a bangin’ bod.


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