Bike to Work Day!

I set out all my things the night before so I would be ready to go in the morning. I didn’t sleep well and woke up every hour on the hour in fear of not waking up in time to leave. But I finally got out of bed at 4:30am got dressed and headed out. It was such a lovely ride. My butt is sore, but an hour bike ride to work when no one is around, the pod on, and singing was just so surreal. It felt great! And I felt very refreshed when I got to work, ready and raring to go.

Here’s the sunrise from when I got to work.

Had to pack an easy and light breakfast that wouldn’t get smushed in my backpack. English muff with raz jam and two strawberries.

And since I didn’t bring my cartalk mug I had to use a styrofoam one >.< But I did have my Spring Blend from my press.


8 almonds, cashews, handful of dried cranberries and TBSP of semi-sweet choc chips.

Another easy packing job. Banana that needed to be eating  and a packet of Justins Peanut Butter with Honey that I got at whole foods. It was ok. I got 2 of them (the other is maple almond butter) for just such reasons. It was little grainy and I couldn’t really taste the honey. It kind of cancelled out the peanut-y taste. But it was good for travel and only 180 cals for the packet.

The ride home was good. Just groovin’ and coasting to the pod listening to some Coachella jams.

Finally going to hot yoga tonight!


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