Didn’t take any sleepy medicine this morning and ironically overslept by ten minutes. Pops had to come in and wake me up. Luckily we both get up around 4:45-5am.  Packed my lunch in a jiffy and raced off to work. Short day today because I had class at 12. And Lady GaGa’s Alejandro has been stuck in my head alllllllll day.

Since I didn’t like my oats on Monday, I had to do it right this time around.

1/3 cup oats

1/3 cup almond milk

1/4 cup vanilla yogurt

1/4 water

2 tbsp ezekiel original cereal

1.5 tbsp barney butter

1 tbsp crofters europe

pinch of chia seeds

12 blackberries
Wow, once I type that out, it’s a lot! But it was so good! I’m really loving the Barney Butter.

Got to class early because we had a group power-point presentation on agribusiness. I was the last one to go in our group and we ran out of time. So I have to go all by myself on Monday >.< After class I went to the gym and met up with the boy who was leaving to go run his dog. So instead of being stuck in there for the afternoon the three of us ran around a local lake.

They ran around twice until the dog was tired and he went to do homework before class. I went around 2 more times to bring be to a total of 4+ miles.

Then I went over to LuLulemon to get the Energizer pant and a sports bra or running shorts. Turns out the stopped producing the energizer pant!!! I’ve wanted it for SO long and now that I can finally get it- just my luck. I ended up just getting a black sports bra because I’ve really needed a new one (one of the ones I use is still from high school!- I’m 23). One the way over I had about 3 bites from my Larabar that I only had half of yesterday.

Don’t mind the nails, or the fact that I’m driving.

Tomorrow is Bike to Work Day and I plan on participating, so I must prep tonight. Have to get to bed early because that means I have to get up super early. Now I’m off to try and figure out how else to eat my tabouleh. Any suggestions?


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