Sunrise to Sunset

What a filled day. Had work all day. I am starting to feel better from my cold. I need to stop taking medicine to help me sleep. Anyway I needed to eat this orange and it turned out to be the perfect time to do so. It was very juicy! Paired with some flaxseed bread and a handful of blackberries.

Crofters Europe, mmmm

And I finally got my Spring Blend I’ve read so much about on Kaths blog. It’s seriously the best coffee I think I’ve ever tasted. Must order more.

Then after work I went to one of my best friends house to hang out and watch last weeks SNL with Betty White. I totally was ravenous and forgot to take a snapshot of lunch. But just so ya’ know I had some tabouleh, a pita and some hummus. It was really good. My tabouleh came out really well. Definitely better the next day when the flavors have blended. And I had 3 giant strawberries. I love berry season!!

Dinner was thrown together in a hurry because I got home from kickboxing late and didn’t have much time before Lost started. I’m typing and watching it now! Just threw together a everything in the fridge salad along with a split bowl of brown rice and tabouleh, with 1/4 of a homemade french fry and the tiniest piece of chicken.


I can’t believe Lost is ending. Tonight’s episode is crazy! So much violence and shockers. Gotta make breakfast for tomorrow and sneak another piece of my early grey chocolate.


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