Workin’ Girl

Just a quick b-fast shot. Recently discovered the joys of reading Oh She Glows and tried her vegan overnight oats recipe. Very easy and do-able. I was excited to try it this morning, along with all my other new fixin’s. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE bananas, but I just don’t care for them in my oatmeal. I was super bummed that I didn’t enjoy it because I was so excited to try. I just prefer mine with a dollop of yogurt along with almond milk and water. But on the plus side I got to use my new Crofters and Barney Butter. The Barney Butter is SO good! How have I been missing this. Dare I say I won’t have peanut butter for a while? Just a shame that I couldn’t really taste either of them because of the overwhelming banana flavor.

Added a few blackberries and a bit of ground flax.

Busy day ahead.

Making Tabouleh!


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