After work I had class, then hit the gym.

-2 mile speed workout

-12 minutes on the bike

-10 minutes elliptical

-10 minutes light weights

Then I ran over to the feed store to pick up some bulgur and scallions for my tabouleh. I got a vegetarian recipe book two weeks ago and finally picked something I wanted to make because I LOVE tabouleh, and I just want to make everything in the book. Finally got home and had the lunch that I packed and carried with me all day, because I originally wanted to go to the yoga studio, but didn’t want to feel rushed.

Colorful spinach, romaine, carrots, cucumber,radish salad. Taste that rainbow.

Accompanied by 2 sheets of seeded flat bread and hummus (other sheet not pictured)

While picking up the last of my ingredients I finally bought some Sirracha, but I think I got the “too spicy” one because boy was it hot, but really good with my cucumbers. Reminds of elementary school when the mexican girls would bring cucumber slices soaked in this spicy watery sauce. It was so good.

Then I made my Tabouleh early enough so I could eat it when I got home from the later yoga class.

Looked so good.

Alas when I got home from yoga, my mom had made a bean and rice soup that is just divine so I had some of that. It was the perfect consistency and hit the spot. I love black beans and rice…and soup.

But of course I had to try my tabouleh!

I really like it. The recipe is simple and quick too. It was my first time peeling a tomato! I never even knew you could do that. But it came out really well. I can’t wait to have it in a pita wrap for lunch tomorrow.


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