Early Worm

Saturday went and had a sushi dinner with the boy. We split a Philly Roll. It was so good! Smoked salmon, cream cheese and avacado, mmm. Then napped for a while until I went home. Got up real early because I had a lot to do Sunday. Went to the gym to run and bike. Got 5.5 miles in (working up to B2B this weekend) and the bike (training for Muddy Buddies!). Followed by a little weight training. Then hit the farmers market for some more Flax bread, and orange and a pair of earrings for mothers day.

Breakfast was the same as last Sunday. It’s one of the only days I can have a hot breakfast at home. Did some laundry and then made the trek to a Whole Foods. Got some goodies:

-Chunky Barney Butter (which I’ve been looking for forever)

-Crofters Fruit spread

-Dr. Kraker (spelt crackers)


-and some other things that escape my mind but will probably show up in later posts.

I tried going to another Ulta to find my shampoo but this one was sold out too! That’s what I get for it being BOGO.

Anyway, no real time for lunch yesterday just a handful of chips and hummus.

My blackberries were on their last legs so I had some TJs vanilla yog. with blueberries, graham cracker and a little bit of soy flax cereal.

I just remembered another thing I got at WF’s.  I love green tea. And ever since I took Mr. Sudduths class my sophmore year of college he always came in drinking earl grey tea and would mention how good it was. So I tried it one day after class at the coffee shop and have been hooked since.  I’ve had early grey chocolate before and it was delicious, so I had to try this.

It was my treat for finishing my presentation.

It’s the perfect blend of bergamont and creamy dark chocolate. Not too shabby either..

It’s quite pricey though (3.29) but when I’m having a craving and some extra change, I will definitely repurchase. Not one flavor overpowers the other and they just swirl around in my mouth in yummyness. Going to finish this one pretty quickly 🙂


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