Sundays Are My Favorite

I always love Sundays, because up until now it was my only day off. Wasn’t hung over when I woke up, but I did wake up with my television and the light on! Got up around 7:30 had a snack of a few nuts and soy/flax cereal and took off for a 7 mile run to the farmers market. It was a little rough considering I went out last night and my left knee is still bothering me, but I made it there in an hour. The boy said he would pick me up and take me home, yet when I called him he was running too trying to surprise me by meeting up with me. Unfortunately I took a different route so we never crossed paths. He ran home while I tooled around the market (wish I would have brought my camera!- some woman had squid!) sampling and getting and orange while awaiting his arrival. Chatted with a few of the vendors I usually stop at until he came and rescued me with a sweater. We walked around, he got some hummus and garlic pita chips along with a small loaf of flax seed bread which he was sweet enough to share a few pieces with me. Then I bought him a pretzel croissant for his breakfast tomorrow.

I haven’t had an omlette in what felt like ages, so I whipped one up when I got home. My favorite things to put in them are green onions, spinach and red peps!

I really wanted to try the new bread this morning. It’s so thick but light at the same time. And perfect small sizing!

Seasonings! I’m really into turmeric right now. Especially since I read it is good after a night of drinking 😉

Breakfast. Egg white omelette with spinach, red pep, little bit of cheese, green onion, seasonings, flax bread with some Christmas Blend.

Topped with TJ’s Homestyle Salsa Especial.

I have so much to do today!

-Possibly get an iphone

-Lululemon, H&M, UO, Anthropologie, Crate and Barrel, Nordys, Sephora, American Apparel

-Davids Bridal appt. at 4:30

-Pick up radio winnings (25 dollars to a mexican restaurant)


-nutrition presentation powerpoint

We’ll see how much I can get done.


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