No Breeze

Well the wind didn’t take me far yesterday. I took care of a few businessny things around the house since it was empty then ventured over to Ulta to get some shampoo since I had a coupon. I started at one end of the store and worked my way around knowing that when I got to the end of the other side I would have the shampoo and could then just leave. But when I got to the shampoo section they were sold out! I hope I can make what I have left last until their shipment comes in on Friday. Dinner was a rush last night. I just took a fork and stood in front of the fridge taking a few bites of everything. Then got ready to hit a dive bar with a few friends. I ran into a lot of old friends from high school last night, so it was fun to catch up and see how they are doing. Only had one drink (crowne and coke- the ONLY time I will ever drink soda, because I don’t drink it anymore), but man oh man was it strong.

Although no snaps from dinner or the bar, here’s my lunch. My favorite! PB and Nana.


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