Cherry Blossom Girl

Before the movie last night I decided not to go in to work on our last day working Saturdays. The movie was going to let out late and I knew it was going to be a gorgeous morning. It is rare that I get to wake up to sunshine because work starts so early. It’s so refreshing to know that I will have Saturday and Sundays off now, like a normal human being.

We woke up this morning, the boy took off to the gym before work and I got up and took the dog for a walk. I’ve become a master at reading and walking at the same time. Most people think it’s crazy!

It looks like petal snow

Kodi enjoyed getting out and about


Got home and it was time for breakfast. I’m going to yoga at 10:15 and kickboxing from 11:15-12, so I didn’t want too much on my stomach considering all the movement I’d be doing. So I set out a multi-grain english muffin out the night before. I also wanted a little green tea for some antioxidants and the for the fact that I haven’t had any in over a month!

I wanted to put everything on top of my english muff but decided to split the difference.

The pumpkin butter is so sweet by itself, but once you spread it on something it levels out. Ooey goodness.

I’ve had this onion and chives cream cheese that I brought back from a friend from Coachella and just wanted a bite of it, so I spread a tiny amount on for a bites worth. Spent breakfast out back with Scarlett Johanson.

Extreme close-up! Woooaaaahhh!

A splendid and rare Saturday morning. Off to yoga to stretch out  (still sore!) and Kickboxing. Returning home for some coffee and a snack followed by a day of who knows what!


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