Same Dress

The wind decided to take me south to the mall, but only after I hit up the gym. I was still super sore from the night before but pushed though it. Did about 4 miles on the mill and 15 minutes on the bike. Trying to add a little more cycling into the routine to get ready for Muddy Buddies! Followed by 20 minutes of light weight lifting and machines. Met up with the boy while I was there before heading out. I went to this huge Forever 21 and picked up this awesome fake leather white eyelet sundress (it looks a lot cooler than it sounds), double finger turquoise cross ring, white cami, and sweatshirt tee with a deer on it.Then I hit up TJ’s for some replacement hummus and all natural toothpaste before heading home. I didn’t really have time/still felt full from breakfast to have lunch, but had a free sample snack of some garlic fries at TJ’s.

But for dinner I used a bunch of leftovers. Some sun-dried tomato whole wheat cous cous to which I added fresh green onion and leftover snap peas and a tiny piece of salmon from my folks leftovers. All in our little quiche dish, perfect for portion sizing!

Had to get my greens in so I made a nice side salad with some lettuce, spinach and raddish.

I usually make my own salad dressings now because I found the one I would use contains HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and xanthan gum. I want the real stuff!

EVOO + Grey Poupon+ balsamic vinegar+garlic powder =

I always use mini utensils. My boss said that this was  a lobster fork. Hydrating with some iced H2O while watching Americas Next Top Model.

Hasta manana


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