Today feels like a Friday, it just has the vibe. Boss lady was in a meeting most of the morning, I think they are cutting our overtime hours. That’s great for me- I will hopefully regain a social life, but bad news for my friends who really need the dough. It was a lovely day outside before the gusting winds picked up. We had the garage door open in the warehouse so I got to see some sunshine! Sometimes I feel like a caged animal there in a zoo.

This lunch is a repeat offender. Like breakfast I was short on time this morning and knew I needed to eat my veggies before they started to go bad. An asparagus, red pepper, hummus on the heel of whole wheat bread. I used to hate the crusts of bread, but now it’s my favorite part! (note to self: make bread pudding very soon).

I also had 1/2 of a mandarin orange [not pictured] because the other half had gone bad.

Then after work I went on a walk before I headed off to the boys house. Since I wasn’t too hungry I just had some chips (my unhealthy arch nemisis, but I LOVE them) with some scrumptious hummus.

Organic low-fat blue corn and TJ Salsa Chips served on a napkin. Class. Pure class.

Off to the boys house for some playtime and fro-yo.


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