2nd Time Around

It’s never to late to do something, whatever it may be, for the second time around. I’ve been wanting to/thinking about/procrastinating starting this blog up again. I really want to write, but I’m my own worst enemy in this case. To me, a blank page is one of the most daunting things to come across.

So whether it be a few posts a week, once a week, once a day for a week straight, lets play this thing by ear. The feeling of not HAVING to do something at a certain time or schedule is something I’m working on and I think a few posts here and there is a good start. I was also hesitant to start this back up because I didn’t want it to rule my life, I didn’t want something that is not tangible to take precedence over my real life. Not that what I put down here isn’t real or true, I just wouldn’t want this blog to be the sole focus and purpose of my life. Although I do love connecting, networking and making friends via the blogosphere.

I’m hoping to come up with my own type of schedule and focus. Trying to feel this puppy out and see what we can make of her yet again. I have a few ideas, but with me the hard thing is actually following through. I guess you could say I have a commitment problem (men scurrying away everywhere!).


I have some goals. I have some ideas. A couple thoughts and maybe some puns.



Sunday Sunday Sunday! I had been prepping all weekend for Sundays festivities. I woke up super early and hit the gym for a 6 mi run. After that some light biking for 10 minutes and hip abductors. Feeling good and sweaty after my workout sesh.

Then I hit 2 more grocery stores for pizza dough and beer! It’s always fun to buy beer before 10am and have disapproving looks shot your way. While I was shopping, I quickly walked past the ice cream isle. I don’t really like ice cream, but I’ve been searching for the Ben and Jerrys greek frozen yogurt! I’ve seen other flavors at target, but I told myself I wouldn’t buy until I found the flavor I really wanted to try… Banana with Peanut Butter.

And just my luck! They had it! I have been looking since I heard about it but haven’t run into it until now. And they even had it in the mini size!! Perfect for me since I don’t care for ice cream that much. I can’t wait to taste test this week.

Once home I hopped in the shower and had my pre-made breakfast.


[no photo]

I was in such a rush that I forgot to snap a picture! Anywho, it was the standard overnight oats with some  strawberries, Barney Butter, crofters and greek yogurt sprinkled with some flaxseed.

While I was eating I was working on these babies.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Peanut Butter Cups.

I’m a frequent reader of How Sweet It Is, saw this recipe knowing that the party was in need of a dessert and got to work! They turned out wonderful! They weren’t quite as smooth on the top as I had hoped but people didn’t seem to mind. There were many steps involved but it was easy enough to follow the recipe. A top tip. instead of brushing the cups, I used my finger to coat the sides of the mini cupcake liners.

After finishing those I had to pick up some breaks for my car. Then I put on some makeup and got crackin’ on my main dish… CHEESEYBLASTERS.

I don’t know if any of you watch 30 Rock, but here’s the deal…

With such a catchy tune, how could these NOT be awesome.

Take a hotdog, stuff it with some jack cheese


chicken hotdogs microwaved, sliced longways and then stuffed with Kraft Monterey Jack


Made my own pizza with Pillsbury Thin Pizza Dough, 1/2 can pizza sauce and a pack of pepperoni. Baked according to instructions on dough.

Roll it in a pizza!


I cut the pizza into strips according to how many hotdogs I had.


While waiting for them to bake, I got ready and had a pre=party snack of a few chips and some hummus.


Then the oven timer went off and…



They may not look great, but they tasted great!

Thanks Meatcat!

Once these were done and cooled I headed to the Wrestlemania party thrown at the Manfriends house. Upon arrival I immediately cracked open my new favorite beer…

It tastes like GOOD Bud Light. I had about 2 and a half of these throughout the night, with 2 shots of Vodka. No hangover or anything ridiculous, but next time I need to be more conscious of when, why and how much I am drinking. I don’t think opening a third was necessary.

There was so much food at the party! Pizza, guacamole, homemade taco bar, dip, cheeseyblasters, dessert, cookies and more.

One of my best friends and her boyfriend came as well and she brought her famous 7 layer dip. Vegetarian of course!


I had about 10 chips full because its my favorite! And a decent ammount ( probably too much) of chips and guacamole.


We watched  a few matches and then it was time for tacos! Manfriend was nice enough to prepare some ground turkey so I could have a taco considering the alternative was beef (which I do not eat). I loaded it with : Turkey, beans, guac, lettuce, tomato, green onion, salsa and some cheese.

The last couple matches were pretty exciting as I watched, trash talked and munched on more chips and dips. Before the last match a toast was in order for a great show and splendid Sunday.



Fun had by all!

I came home with tons of leftovers and tacos for days. I watched the season finale of Worst Cook in America on Food Network and it was seriously underwhelming. I think it might have to do with the last two contestants, I just didn’t care for them at all. After that I took some Nyquil to help with the cold I’m fighting (thanks to Manfriend) and went to sleep in hopes of feeling better tomorrow.

Leftover Leftovers

Saturday got off to a good start, but then hit a rough patch. I woke up around 6:30 and proceeded to take the pooch for a 40 minute walk before the storm was to set in around 8am. Upon arriving home I made some breakfast to fuel me through a 9am yoga class.


Great Harvest Oregon Herb toast with barney butter and crofters jam. With some green tea.

Made it to 9am yoga and then headed over to the gym for some kickboxing. I was about 20 minutes late but got a good 30 minutes in. Then I ran around town on some grocery errands for tomorrows festivities and my mom. She was in need of some ingredients to make her minestrone soup. After a blip in my morning mood due to other sources, I was in need of a pick-me-up. So I picked up a bunch of daffodils at Tj’s!

I stuck them into my favorite drinking jar in hopes that they will bloom the next day. Because my errands took so long , I had just enough time to grab a quick shower and have a snack before heading to work.


5 Marys Crackers, some strawbs and hummus. + a few chips after 🙂

Then I threw together a quick dinner for work and called it a night. Work was really busy when I got there but died down finally around 8, which is kind of late for a Saturday night. Usually people are home having dinner or getting ready to go out, but apparently that didn’t happen.


On my first break around 6 I had some of the usual trail mix to tide me over until my lunch at 8:30.


last of leftover burrito, greek yogurt, romaine & spinach salad with red pepper with balsamic.

This burrito is SO tasty even at a few days old. I love adding greek yogurt to it and using it as sour cream. I added the salad to get some greens in for the day. Then after that I had a few chocolate morsels for sweetness.

Once I got off work I hit up the grocery store for a few things I forgot to grab earlier. It was crazy! There were so many cops in the parking lot because they were looking for some criminal! It was scary, but at the same time I felt even safer since there were so many around.

Quizzly Quizzes

Friday started early at 6am. I got up and had myself some H2O and green tea while I got to studying for my 9am O.Chem quiz. Then I made some coffee and tried to cram as many alkene reactions into my almond shaped head as I could.

On the drive to school I ate my breakfast, some overnight oats!

1/4c oats & almond milk. 1 spoon plain greek yogurt, dash of vanilla, barney butter, crofters and 4 chopped strawberries.

This is how I drive to school. Mutli-tasking, it’s a special skill.

After my 2 quizzes (one went well, the other? Not so much) I had to finish a banana oil synthesis distillation and calculations. It took a lot longer than I thought and I didn’t get out of class until after 12. Luckily I packed some trail mix snackage for the drive to the gym.

6 almonds, 7 cashews, tbsp craisins and chocolate chips.

Once at the gym I did a 6.5mi run, 10 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes of legs & shoulders on the machines. Then I walked over to Victorias Secret to pick up my free panties. I love that they keep sending me these! It’s the only way this broke college student gets new underwear. After picking up my free goodie, I stopped at a 7-11 to buy two lotto tickets for the big drawing. Obviously I didn’t win, but I got 1 number right and was one away from the mega!

I arrived home around 3 or so and threw together a quick lunch.

grapes, marys gone crackers & TJs goat cheese medallion with some ice H2O.

Gotta have a little bit of sweetness…

Then I took the pup for a walk and hopped in the shower. Ran some errands and picked up these on the way to a friends going away party.

Oh no I DIDN’T! I rarely buy fast food but I had to try the new sweet potato tater tots from sonic. So I snagged these and headed over only to discover this upon my arrival….

THEY WERE REGULAR TOTS! I was SO disappointed! I was even more bummed because they didn’t give me a receipt and kept my penny in change without even offering me it back for my change. Now I know it’s a penny, and of course I was going to say keep it but you’re supposed to give me my change; otherwise that’s stealing. Plus, no receipt?! So I called the restaurant and told them my story very nicely and they couldn’t have handled it better. I told Joe, the manager what happened and he offered two solutions. I chose option A. He put my name on a list and I can come by anytime and receive a large sweet potato tater tot on the house. I kind of feel silly, but hey! I wan’t to try them!

Said goodbye to a friend as she ventures out into uncharted territory on a new adventure while mingling with some friendly people. One of them offered me one of these! They’re Ginger Altoids! So good and very very strong. Love them! Now I have to hunt some down.

Once I got home a polished off 3/4 of this leftover chicken burrito brought home by my mom the other night. Instead of sour cream I used my plain greek yogurt I picked up. Such a good substitution!

Then hung out for a while, ate half of a homemade chocolate chip cookie that was leftover from the other night and hit the sack in prep for an early saturday morning.


On the Move Thursday

Thursday started out with a long walk in the early morning followed by a few household duties. Then on to some breakfast and study time at the table.

whole wheat bagel with light organic whipped cream cheese and 2 cups of coffee!

Thursday was just a rough day. I felt completely out of it and could not get myself out of a funk. I could barely pay attention in class but tried my hardest to try and focus. During class I munched on some almonds, cashews and craisins and a few chocolate bits.

After class I tried to clear my head with a 45 minute walk along the bayshore before heading to the yoga studio to clean and go to class. On the drive over I had an apple and about 5 marys gone crackers.

:crunch crunch crunch:

After a sweaty yoga session I drove home and took the dog for a walk, still in a funk but it was nice out so why not be outside. I did have a moment where I snapped out of it for an hour. We ran into a couple nearby who had just gotten a  chocolate lab puppy who they wanted to show off and introduce to Kodi. They and there puppy Resses (how cute!) were very sweet. Honestly, how can you be in a funk when theres a 7 week old pup licking your nose?

Once I got home I showered and cleaned up the kitchen since my brother and father made quite the mess. For dinner I just had the rest of my sushi from the night before and some of the flavored edamame.

After dinner I procrastinated and studied in and out the rest of the night in preparation for my quizzes the next morning. But of course I had a bit of dessert before hitting the sheets.

I like to think chocolate unleashes my brainpower!

Academy of Science!

Yesterday was such a lovely day. It all started with a 6:30 wake up call and hitting the gym by 7am. BC and I proceeded to do our own workouts until 8:30. I completed 5.5 miles on the treadmill with negative splits then cooled down with a .75 mile walk and 10 minutes of biking. Then about 10 minutes of free weights including a set of 21’s and a few squats. 

Then we came home to rinse off and have breakfast and coffee. Breakfast was a repeat from the day before so excuse the recycled picture!


1/4C oats, almond milk and 2 spoons of NF Vanilla Yogurt. 1 tbsp Barney butter and Crofters jam with 4 strawberries.


After showering and watching the Price is Right, we headed to the city for some learning fun. We went to the Academy of Sciences, a place he hasn’t been since he was a kid. It had since been remolded a few years back and some really neat exhibits.

First we checked out the rainforest bio-dome complete with high temperatures and humidity. Felt like I was in Flo-Rida.


There were butterflies floating around everywhere, some even landed on people. This little guy took a break on the floor and let me get some close ups of his beautiful wings.


This little frog was so cool!



Then the elevator took us down to the aquarium which was really neat. This is where they had a new exhibit about reproduction and lots of interesting facts about different species mating techniques. At this point I was feeling a bit tuckered and tired from this mornings workout and possible dehydration, so I snacked on a few almonds and cashews I packed and sipped some water.


Then we wandered and watched the dissection of a tiny bird which was both awesome and disgusting at the same time. Then we took the elevator up to the living roof! It looks really neat from far away and is environmentally stable, but honestly it just looks like CA weeds.


After the museum we were pretty hungry so we decided to get Sushi nearby. I know the owners son through a friend and they own one of the best sushi restaurants in town: Ebisu Sushi. It was around 4 so we had some time to kill so we decided to wander around and walk to the restaurant. But not before cupcaking in front of a fountain 🙂


The restaurant opened at 5pm and we got there shortly after. After saying hello to the owner she was nice enough to send over a complimentary appetizer of 3 types of edamame. Since we did not eat lunch we were starving and dover right into these. There were garlic, spicy and plain. All were delicious!


After much deliberating and hym-ing and haw-ing over the menu I ordered a miso soup to start and a 49er roll. 


The 49er roll was salmon, lemon, crab and avocado with roe. I absolutely LOVE salmon and lemon together! I had 3 or 4 pcs.


He ordered a salmon and scallop roll which called romeo and juliet. It was so good and soft and had a great texture. I had 1 pc.


He also ordered a bowl of Udon witch lots of veggies, some chicken, fishcake and egg. The bowl was absolutely massive!Image

He was nice enough to share some so I could have a taste. The broth was so flavorful from all the ingredients and warmed me to the core on a overcast evening. 


After stuffing ourselves with amazing food we walked back to the car to make the trek back home. Tired from a day full of science and walking we collapsed into bed to watch the season finale of Whitney! I’ve seen every episode and it has become one of my favorite shows. Still on the fence about how they ended the season, but in retrospect it is very “them”. 

At the same time my mother was making chocolate chip cookies for my brothers class on Friday and was nice enough to share a spoonful of cookie dough and cookie with us. The perfect nightcap before I proceeded to pass out from a long day.




Ok I Lied

Got out of class early and hanging out on campus before work. I’m SO tired and all my joints hurts. It’s really rainy and windy outside and naturally I don’t have an umbrella, so I just am relying on my windbreaker for the time being. I guess I will show up to work drenched as a wet cat.

But! For the time being I snagged myself an early grey tea with a bit of honey to tide me over.


Packing Ahead

The morning got off to a semi-early start, with my alarm going off at 6:15 and me actually rolling out of bed at 6:37. It’s so funny how I always remember the exact time that I wake up. Got dressed and hit the gym. I knew I wanted to do around 3 miles today, so before I left I popped on my google reader and saw that Julie posted this sweaty interval workout. Since I didn’t have a plan already I just followed hers. It was prettttyyy sweaty!

Heres the Workout!

It was exactly 2.9 miles and then I jogged for another quarter of a mile to give me a total of 3.25. Then I did a few leg exercises and stretched for 10 minutes.

Jetted home, put on some coffee and grabbed a hot shower. Sat down and enjoyed my breakfast while paroozing the interwebs and listening to the news. 

Breakfast was a delicious bowl of overnight oats!


1/4 c oats & almond milk. 2 spoonsfuls of NF vanilla yogurt, a spoon of barney butter & crofters with 4 chopped strawberries.

Of course there were multiple (2.5) cups of coffee consumed.


Then I moved on to O.Chem homework that was due today.  This is what I do, and how the inside of my brain feels!


Crazy and messy!

Then I packed my lunch, snack and dinner for the night since I have lab followed by work. 


Lunch– apple & 6 honey wheat pretzel sticks with a goat cheese medallion (which I’m eating as I write this out).


Snack- I just threw about 6 almonds and some craisins with chocolate chips in a box to get me from school to work until my break at 8pm


Dinner- salad with red pepper & leftover chinese green beans, some leftover salmon and a strawberry for dessert. I just realized I forgot dressing AND a fork! Image

I’m already really tired before lab, and all this sitting is making my butt fat and sore! Does anyone else ever get that from sitting for so long? I try to move around and sit in different positions, but still! Commuting doesn’t help much either.

Goal today is to not eat anything extra than what I packed or snack when I get off work!


Lunes y Martes

Monday I didn’t feel well at all, it felt like the worst day of my sickness. I didn’t have school or work today, but had lots of homework to do. Deciding early on that it was going to be a rest day I went for 3 mile reading walk and came home to breakfast.

Tjs Honey Greek Yogurt, blackberries, cinnamon and 1/4c kashi heart to heart cereal.

Had a cup of coffee and some green tea, did some things around the house and then headed over to the coffee shop to do some more work. Had a green tea and then an iced tea later while studying.

Just trying to soothe my throat

While I sipped on various teas I had a snack while reading some Stereochemistry. Fun stuff! (not!)

Some trail mix nuts to sustain me til lunch when I had some Marys Gone Crackers and homemade hummus.

Since we didn’t have any chicken soup at home and was seriously in need of it I stopped at Walmart to pick this up.

Never tried this style before, but it tasted pretty good. Nutritionally not too shabby either. No noodles, but I didn’t seem to mind since it was fun to eat all the little rice. Had about two bowls.

Dinner was followed by, what else, more studying. Luckily moms provided a study snack since she was making carmel corn for her boss. Nothing tastes better than freshly popped popcorn in the pan.

Took some medicine to help me sleep and woke up feeling a tad better. So much so that I woke up early and hit the gym for 3 easy miles followed by a quick circuit. After coming home to shower I treated myself to breakfast.

Green tea to start followed by..

The first half of my TJs whole grain english muffing topped with TJs pumpkin butter. I kept on the study train completing my homework and ate the 2nd half of my breakfast.

The other half of my muffin topped with barney butter and crofters asia preserves.

After lecture I sat to do more work and noshed on 1/4C Kashi cereal as a snack with some blackberries.

So plump and juicy!

Then had a laboratory workshop where I stayed until I had to head to work. On the drive there I had an orange and some beanitos chips!

Work was work, but went by fast and pretty seamlessly. During my break I had dinner in which I had a leftover turkey taco with a sprinkle of cheese, loads of lettuce and some salsa.


That taco was SO good. After paroozing facebook on my break I headed over to Target in search of something I saw on my friends page. Lo and behold the holy grail of cheerios!!!

Apparently God heard my prayers when I asked him to put peanut butter in everything. I couldn’t wait to taste them and ripped the box open as soon as the checker swiped them over the scanner. Freakin’ fantastic.

It’s the Freakin’ Weekend w(R)ap-up

We woke up early on Saturday to go on a decent hike. But before leaving we of course had to fuel up. I had half an english muffin with Barney Butter and crofters, while he had some peanut butter toast. I say we went about 4 miles or so with a steady steep incline. Since the weather has been lovely the place was really busy! There was a lot of foot traffic but we made it up and back in good time.

After our hike I snuck him in to my gym to take the yoga class I attend every Saturday. It was much needed after our hike and left me on a high for the rest of the afternoon. I had been craving lox from the citys ferry building for a few days and lo and behold when I arrived home there was smoked salmon in my fridge! I quickly toasted it, cut up an onion and spread that puppy with organic low fat whipped cream cheese for a nice little pre-work lunch.

Then I had a busy night at work where I ate some trail mix, cinnamon apple slices, salad and barley with chicken.

Since I was so tired from work I got to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour in prep to be up early the next day to work out and prep for a picnic!

Sunday morning I arose and immediately hit the gym for a 6.5 mile run, some light weights and 10 minutes on the elliptical. Went to the farmers market after in search of some goodies but there was slim pickin’s and nothing seem to entice me. Although, my favorite on site dumpling food  pop up was there! Surprise Surprise! Happy Dumpling seriously has the best dumplings ever. They make them on site and cook them right there. The man who works the front of the booth is very friendly and treated me to a free dumpling because I was unsure if they were the same people I have visited at other markets in the past. One taste and I knew they were the real deal! I can’t wait to go back next week and get more.

Arriving home I prepped for the picnic and got ready. We ended up at the Japanese tea gardens downtown where we found a nice rock to sit upon, since apparently grass sitting is forbidden.

blackberries, blueberries, hummus, toasted foccacia, herbed goat cheese, tomato basil salad, apple slices, white wine and an orange that didn’t get eaten 🙂

Yummy Goat Cheese!

Excuse the terrible nails…thanks gel manicure.  This was the ultimate bite! Toast+goat cheese+tomato,basil & balsamic.

After our picnic I drove home while mystery manfriend went to work. I spent the rest of the evening procrastinating chores and homework distracting myself with the Oscars and hanging out with my best friend for a few hours.